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It doesn’t only matter whether or not you win, it matters how you win,’ Baghdad-based Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland told reporters via video. Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland speaks via teleconference from Baghdad, Iraq as Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook listens during a media briefing Monday In recent weeks, hawkish opponents of President Barack Obama’s battleplan to defeat the IS group have called for stepped-up actions against the extremists, even if these lead to higher numbers of civilian deaths. There would be nothing left,’ Trump said. At another Iowa event the following month, Cruz said he would ‘carpet bomb’ the jihadist group ‘into oblivion’ if elected. Donald Trump, left, and Ted Cruz, right, have both called for indiscriminate bombing against ISIS The US claims only 21 civilians have been killed by airstrikes in 18 months, but critics say the civilian death count is in the hundreds The general compared this kind of tactic to the aerial campaign waged by Russia in Syria’s north. US commanders have officially recognized the deaths of only 21 civilians in the month-long campaign, which has seen some 10, bombs dropped in Iraq and Syria. Critics say the civilian death count could be much higher than what the US administration claims.

1,000 troops on the streets after Manchester bombing attack

Go back to the original attitudes. If you have a recording of the performance where the joke worked, review the recording and determine what the original attitudes were and play them again when you do your next show. The laugh will return. If your joke is about something in the news, and this item has been fodder for talk show hosts and an uncountable number of other comedians, at some point audiences have heard all they want to hear on this subject.

They communicate this to you by not laughing. Cut The Joke Reason 3:

Feb 01,  · Carpet-bombing ISIS would be un-American, US general says after GOP contenders call for indiscriminate killing in Syria and Iraq Donald Trump vowed to ‘bomb the s**t out of’ ISIS if elected.

Saturday, May 25, Male Shaming Our Military One of the most frustrating and infuriating things about the on-going Gender War is the wholesale male-shaming that occurs when a feminist gets a bee in her bra about something — anything — and then tells a man or, usually, all men to grow up. Can Men Grow Up? The very title is an attempt at wholesale male-shaming, and while the subject matter is very, very serious — sexual harassment and rape in the military — the perspective and attitudes Dr.

Schwarz espouses show both a stunning naivete about the function and nature of the military and an appalling and misandrist opinion about men and masculinity in general. Let’s start with the issue of shaming: Any time a woman tells a man to “grow up”, unless the woman in question gave birth to the man in question this directive is the moral and semantic equivalent of saying “stop being such a bitch” to a woman.

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Because most men simply do carpet bombing with simple comments and hope for luck. So, with some work and attention, it’s easy to rise above the rest. So, do what I did: Be prepared to do a certain amount of carpet bombing.

Radiocarbon dating (also referred to as carbon dating or carbon dating) is a method for determining the age of an object containing organic material by using the properties of radiocarbon, a radioactive isotope of carbon.

August 31, 5: Perish the thought that Chinese women might be open-minded enough to want to go out with foreigners because they get on well together. Men from the US, Europe and other countries will take that step faster than a lot of Chinese guys. There are lots of reasons women go for men. Looks, age, education, wealth, etc.

But they normally liked to be asked out first. August 31, 6:

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Find women in the UK: Google Search Operators – Google Guide POF removed the keyword searches from the advanced search page, except they didn’t because their programmers are retarded or something. You could also modify the search radius to a custom value: Fortunately it’s usually quite easy to check using google image search:

Oct 09,  · Dating Without Texting Is the Absolute Best By Clara Artschwager Welcome to It’s Complicated, stories on the sometimes frustrating, sometimes confusing, always engrossing subject of modern relationships.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The 70th annual Emmy Awards has kicked off in Los Angeles and a galaxy of TV’s biggest stars descended on this year’s gold carpet in an array of stunning ensembles. Kristen Bell led the way in an elegant floor length white gown, while Westworld actress Angela Sarafyan went full glamour in a sparkling black ball gown.

Scarlett Johansson opted for a gorgeous white beaded dress as she joined boyfriend and co-host on the night, Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost. Luke Evans cut a handsome figure in a sharp black tux and bow tie, while This Is Us actor Justin Hartley also looked dapper in his tux. Kristen Bell opted for this white dress Image: NBCUniversal Dakota Fanning was all smiles as she posed on the carpet in her pretty floor-skimming light green dress, while supermodel and America’s Got Talent host Heidi Klum opted for a slinky pale pink number.

This year, HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones is expected to triumph after going into the ceremony with a leading 22 nominations. The show’s nominations include Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, but it has double nominations in two categories, meaning the most it can win is

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Mar 3 Personalized push notifications enabled by artificial intelligence Recent progress in artificial intelligence enables us to design proactive AI systems. Whereas traditional recommender systems produce recommendation upon a user request helping them to discover relevant content or product, a proactive system should notify user every time some highly interesting content or product becomes available or changes so they can read it, watch it or get it.

Proactive systems can significantly lift engagement of users. However their deployment was problematic in the past, because it was very hard to come with any intelligent heuristics that prevents jamming users with irrelevant content. Cloud algorithms generate personalized recommendations based on interaction history.

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Edit The Banisher is one of the strongest physical attackers in the game, but their low speed causes them to often be one of the last combatants to move each turn. They enter battle with a stock of bombs, an additional resource consumed for some of their stronger attacks. Should they run out of bombs, they either have to spend turns reloading or make do with their less powerful lance attacks. Due to the Dragon-infested status of their homeworld Eden, the Banishers have developed a knack for defeating Dragons, boasting skills that do increased damage to them.

For this reason, they are a great addition to any party venturing into a boss fight. Strategy Edit Focus on maxing out Bomb Bonus and occasionally Reload, so that the Banisher spends fewer turns preparing for their strongest attacks. Dragon Buster will be your first go-to for burst damage against Dragons, but be wary of Dragons that may be resistant to fire. Consider also investing in other cheaper skills so that the Banisher can still perform in protracted fights. Clap Trap is a reliable source of inflicting Burn which can reduce enemy stats and give you an advantage in battle.

When third tier skills are unlocked, go for Auto-Reload to save on turns replenishing bombs. Rush Lance is a reliable damage skill that doesn’t consume bombs, while Earthquake is a devastating area attack skill that can easily end random encounters, especially if you have Bomb Bonus maxed out. Comet Spear is also incredibly powerful against Dragons with the drawback of your Banisher spending a turn inactive but invulnerable.

If you ever obtain the Retreat Ring from dating Julietta, definitely equip it to the Banisher.

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Share Shares The mere mention of rodents evokes dread. For millennia, they have been our unwanted guests, creeping in the shadows, feasting on garbage, and spreading disease. Why do these critters elicit such powerful emotions? Is it because they are so alien?

Jun 06,  · To carpet-bomb ISIL would not be a perfect solution, but it would be better than the current mere token air strikes that have no real decisive impact on events on the ground, and it .

An iPad rests beside him next to a cup that has been drained of coffee. Whittle is 70 but looks younger. He holds out his wrist. He has given himself a decade to complete his latest project-or scheme, depending on whom you talk to. I did, in the form of a PDF. Whittle pulls out a deluxe coffee table—style soft-cover that looks ready for end placement in the MoMA gift shop. Much care has gone into the production and design of his catalog, which is for now the most tangible evidence of the new vision, or empire, he means to create in the next 10 years: Avenues, the for-profit independent school he helped create in and then abruptly resigned from in after losing a battle for control, is already famous, or notorious, in Manhattan, and not just because Katie Holmes can be seen at parent meetings.

Which German towns werent bombed or attacked during WW2?

Does Carpet Bombing Work? Many birds, one stone, if you will. After he got belligerent, Stephan proceeded to carpet bomb until Ursula texted him back and something was set up. This term can also be applied to the online dating world. Specifically carpet bombing in this sense refers to individuals who send out a ridiculously large number of messages the same message to many people to elicit a response of some sort.

Jan 02,  · Carpet bombing with better output quality. Three B2’s carpet bomb run and nuke drop ArmA 3 Enemy How to Succeed with Brunettes US Navy Dating Etiquette Training Film MN.

She partnered with Katrina Hess, a designer she had met on another project. Of course that means more and more creeps are online, too. A experiment by Jon Millward, a data journalist, found that women were messaged 17 times more than men; the best-looking woman received messages in four months, while the best-looking guy received only Only then can he see what she looks like. Other, more traditional dating sites like OKCupid can also leave women unwittingly exposed.

Even high-profile actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence who often pose provocatively on the covers of magazines are subject to public shaming when their private, nude photos are hacked and posted on the Internet. Wexler is still disturbed by her reverse Googler:

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I didn’t know I’d have to write a description. How many words is that so far, like a hundred? Stuff that interests you. It’s in the name, ffs. Hover below for more info, and check out our wiki page!

Therefore as a bombardier (guy responsible for dropping the bombs from the B) would lay a carpet of bombs over a European city one who frequently sends out mass emails to prospective dates on a dating site could also be called a bombardier.

Carpet Bombing What is it? The term carpet bombing in digital marketing refers to an ad campaign that aims to reach as many people as possible in a certain demographic. We often use this method when targeting for local business or any campaigns aimed at a specific area. In Facebook advertising we class any audience under 1, , as small. Why should I reach more people instead of targeted people? We accept your point. So if your audience is 1, , Facebook will start to realise which people from those 1, , are going to respond well to your ad and it will serve them the ad first.

How can I use Carpet Bombing to my advantage? So naturally they want to reach all parents and grandparents of children from age When targeting this demographic with Facebook ads the audience size is very low so the ad may not build much traction.


Background[ edit ] A map of Tulsa in Greenwood was in northern Tulsa. Post- World War I , northeastern Oklahoma had a racially and politically tense atmosphere. The territory had been established for resettlement of Native Americans from the Southeast, some of whom had owned slaves. Other areas had received many settlers from the South, whose families had been slaveholders before the American Civil War.

Sep 29,  · Mobile dating app Tinder is not always thought of as a wholesome place to find a date, but even it has some unwritten rules. And when users break them, Tinder takes action—sometimes by .

Early history[ edit ] One of the first cases of carpet bombing was by the German Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War against Republican infantry during the Battle of El Mazuco , [6] [7] fought between 6 and 22 September , where the targeted troops were dispersed on rocky slopes and the Condor Legion learned that carpet bombing was not very effective in such terrain.

The objective was to support the German assault on the city, break Dutch resistance and force the Dutch to surrender. Despite a ceasefire, the bombing destroyed almost the entire historic city centre, killing nearly nine hundred civilians and leaving 30, people homeless. The destructive success of the bombing led the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe OKL to threaten to destroy the city of Utrecht if the Dutch Government did not surrender. The Dutch capitulated early the next morning.

In retaliation to this, the British built up RAF Bomber Command , which was capable of delivering many thousands of tons of bombs onto a single target, in spite of heavy initial bomber casualties in The bomber force was then wielded by Arthur Travers Harris in an effort to break German morale and obtain the surrender which Douhet had predicted 15 years earlier. Many cities, both large and small, were virtually destroyed by Allied bombing. Cologne , Berlin , Hamburg and Dresden are among the most infamous, the latter two developing a fire storm.

Sebald ‘s book, On the Natural History of Destruction , comments on the carpet bombing of German cities and asks why it does not play a larger part in the German national consciousness, and why virtually no German authors have written about the events. Despite the lack of literary coverage, a style of film shot among the urban debris and depicting the gritty lives of those who had to rebuild the destroyed cities called the rubble film , developed in the years after the end of World War II.

Carpet bombing was also used as close air support as “flying artillery” for ground operations. Massive bombing was concentrated in a narrow and shallow area of the front a few kilometers by a few hundred meters deep , closely coordinated with advance of friendly troops. The first successful use of the technique was on 6 May , at the end of the Tunisia Campaign.

Activists Allege Russian Cluster Bombing in Syria