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In accountancy, depreciation refers to two aspects of the same concept: Businesses depreciate long-term assets for both tax and accounting purposes. The former affects the balance sheet of a business or entity, and the latter affects the net income that they report. Generally the cost is allocated, as depreciation expense, among the periods in which the asset is expected to be used. This expense is recognized by businesses for financial reporting and tax purposes. Methods of computing depreciation, and the periods over which assets are depreciated, may vary between asset types within the same business and may vary for tax purposes. These may be specified by law or accounting standards, which may vary by country. There are several standard methods of computing depreciation expense, including fixed percentage, straight line, and declining balance methods.

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The Star-studded Wedding of Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun Posted on by ockoala The biggest celebrity wedding in South Korea this year and likely years to come finally unfurled to great expectation and did not disappoint. Whether you are a fan of actor Lee Byung Hun or actress Lee Min Jung, this classy and star-studded affair can be appreciated on its own merits and boy was it a feast for the eyes. Because both the bride and groom are public figures, they attended the media interview prior to the wedding together.

It was the first time the media has interviewed and photographed the couple in public, despite being able to walk red carpets together and flash their romance for all to see, this couple has been reserved and low key throughout their entire relationship. Lee Min Jung looked utterly radiant and relaxed, with her hair in a simply low ponytail and wearing a sheath wedding dress topped a lace overlay with sleeves.

Marriage, Not Dating (Hangul: 연애 말고 결혼; RR: Yeonae Malgo Gyeolhon) is a South Korean television series starring Yeon Woo-jin, Han Groo, Jeong Original network: tvN.

The cake was in the shape of a small mammal, resting on a bed of artificially green coconut shavings, its body frosted vanilla white and its floppy ears studded with Smarties. Fourteen candles stuck out of its back, with another stabbed into the center of its head like some kind of sugary acupuncture experiment. The result was part Peter Cottontail, part Donnie Darko.

The cake was a clue about his present. She got me a rabbit?! No matter the shoe, he never wears socks, displaying a pair of glistening ankles at all times. Jack suggested naming the actual animal Fluffy, but his year-old sister, Kate, had another idea:

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Share on Facebook Though the Internet is fun and useful, it can also present a number of challenges. For instance, with the rise in usage of social media and dating websites, it is even simpler for unfaithful partners to meet new people to date even though they’re attached. According to DivorceMag, only 46 percent of men think that having online affairs is classified as infidelity. If you’re concerned that your spouse might have an Internet dating profile, use common sense to discover the truth for yourself.

More serious dating in the late associate. 8, during the final four weeks of in the charts Wedding Without Dating Dramawiki. Top 5 Dating Mistakes! The Three Female wedding without dating dramawiki Runaways. disadvantages of dating an older married man Anticipate Marriage, Marriage Over Love, Marriage Without Dating, Marriage Without.

Airing on cable network Chosun TV, which is one of the least well know Korean cable networks out there in terms of its drama output Operational Proposal, Hanbando , Bride of the Century has an awful name and a one-famous-name cast member in F. Really, this drama has a ghost haunting it. So why am I recapping it? A man and a woman are having a wedding night after a traditional Korean wedding ceremony in a rich countryside estate. The first wife of the first born son will always die right after the wedding.

They discuss the family haunting by a beautiful woman ghost who sucks the life force out of the new bride to maintain her eternal beauty. The lady of the house comes and shushes everyone and sends them on their way.

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Photo by Maine Tinker Photography Q: So I completely hear you when you say you have to keep an eye on the guest list. And kudos to you for keeping your guest list to a reasonable size.

sora Jul 31 am i saw the making of Marriage not dating in utube. All the cast made a promise if the rating reach 5%. All the cast made a promise if the rating reach 5%.

The Secret Woods is an area that can be entered from the northwest corner of Cindersap Forest , south of the Farm. The entrance is initially blocked by a fallen log that can be cleared after upgrading to a Steel Axe. The Secret Woods contain seasonal forageables and Slimes that will attack the player. The Secret Woods also contain six Large Stumps that regrow daily and can be harvested for a total of twelve Hardwood each day.

Four stumps are in the upper part of the woods, and two are found by walking through one of two covered passages to a smaller lower area. One passage is through the trees slightly southeast of the upper set of three stumps, and the other is south of the entrance to the woods, approximately tiles to the right of a bush. The former passage is a straight line, but the latter requires the player to walk south, then left, then south again.

The pond in the southwest is the only location on a Standard Farm where the Woodskip can be caught.

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In , the men were given sentences ranging from four to 19 years. A jury at Liverpool Crown Court heard that girls would be given alcohol before being passed around for sex at two takeaways, the Balti House and Tasty Bites, in the Heywood area. The police were accused by then MP Simon Danczuk of ignoring the cases because they were brought by working class girls.

“Marriage, Not Dating” is a South Korean drama series directed by Song Hyun Sook. Marriage Without Dating, Marriage Without Love Volunteer Team Marriage, Not Dating Volunteer Team Broadcast Network tvN Broadcast Period to Rating PG Korea Idol Drama Romance Korean Drama Comedy.

Princess hours A rag-to-riches story about an ordinary girl who marries into the royal family to clear a family debt. This classical Korean drama is filled with comedic events about Song Hye Kyo and her struggle of living with the d-bag who bought the house without her consent. This action packed K-drama is all you need for some adrenaline rush. Expect to see martial art actions, gun fights, exciting chases, and a tiny bit of romance.

It will get you thinking and not just passively watching. The tear-jerking drama is based on a true story about a teenage girl who suffered from a brain disease and her everyday strife to live life to the fullest. Just prepare a box of tissue and a comforting box of chocolates by your side. Due to her background, she became a homecoming teacher for a class of troublemakers and gang members. If all you need an inspirational storyline with a lot of laughter and some fighting actions, check out Gokusen!

The unusual combo creates a refreshing narrative and surprisingly packed a punch! The story will make you want to pick a side and tickle on your emotion on every episode. It tells the story of doctors stationed in the fictional war zone of Uruk, and follows the romance that develops between a surgeon and a special forces officer. From there, both their personal and professional struggles will unfold as they explore issues about the value of life.

This Korean drama revolves around a single mother who finds out that she has a brain tumour and signs a marriage contract with a rich man in order to find a guardian for her daughter.

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Shaved Pussy Beautiful girls prove they are beautiful from head to toes. And this means they shave their sweet pussies totally to boast about their naked beauty. Of course, these hotties also spread their legs wide enough to show off every detail of their juicy shaved slits. Brunettes Gorgeous brunette girls come together to spice their days with all kinds of sex games and experiments.

Some of them prefer to play with their hot bodies in private and others love sharing those fascinating moments with their friends but they all simply love physical pleasures. Solo Stunning girls who love boasting about their bodies perform solo actions on camera.

Various Artists – 연애말고 결혼 (tvN 금토드라마) OST Release Date: Genre: OST Language: Korean Bit Rate: MPkbps Track List: 연애는 이제 그만 – 벤(Ben) Love.

For that reason it might fly under the radar for many drama fans. Being familiar with previous dramas there was never an inkling to watch Bromance. Once one has that experience it becomes borderline impossible to find another ice-cream whose texture might be better than that one. Bromance will not top up the most amazing ice-cream one will ever have within the genre.

Bromance is a really good drama surprisingly and rather addictive from about minute 2 of episode 1 to the point where one will want to binge watch it straight. The script is very consistent and full of texture like a raspberry sorbet, with the right balance and essence; the acting from an audience point of view is compelling and believable, bring the story to life in what seems like an effortless manner alternating scenes of pure screen silent screaming to giggles to a very loud laughter and nearly jumping on the sofa like a teenager being silly, enjoying a really tasty ice-cream, and not feeling one bit bad about it.

The highlight being the end of each episode with entails the start of the next one when one binges on 15 episodes of Bromance in a day and half. Zi Feng is a triad leader and the general manager of an amusement park. He commands respect although not as a villain but as a man who works hard, loves his family and protects those he cares about. Zi Feng is so incredibly human that is surreal and that humanity is what makes the audience empathise with him.

Ya Nuo is a young woman living as a young man due to a fortune telling prediction that she should leave as such until she reached her 26th birthday. She meets Du Zi Feng with whom she becomes sworn brothers but over the course of time develops feelings for him.