How do I connect my iOS device to my TV to watch Netflix?

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Follow Keisha Alice For anybody interested in picking up the iPhone 6, there are bound to be some pressing questions about to switch important pictures, videos, memos, contact lists, and ringtones from an old Apple device to a brand spanking new one. The last thing that you want to end up doing is spending half a day syncing bags of data between your iPhone and your iPad, but is there an easier way to do things?

Whilst there are plenty of tools out there that can help you to transfer ringtones from iPad to iPhone, the vast majority are fussy and over complex. They can take a lot of time to move just a few files of data, particularly when it comes to audio files like ringtones. The good news, however, is that there is a tool out there which can get the job done in a much quicker and easier fashion. It is time to introduce yourself to the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer or Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for Mac tool, a third party app which deals with the swift and safe transfer of data files between Apple devices.

It is the perfect choice for users who have lots of ringtones and audio files stored up on their iPads and are looking to move the data, including ringtones, contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, call history, apps, etc. In most cases, transferring ringtones from an iPad to an iPod is a fairly basic process, but programs like iTunes are designed to work with only one device at a time.

So, what is the best way to hook up two Apple devices and easily browse and move the files around on each one? The answer is Coolmuster — this program will never lose data and it makes transfers in a matter of minutes. Launch the program and connect your iDevices To start, download and install the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer on your laptop or desktop computer.

Then, launch the program and navigate to the transfer window.

How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Just follow these steps and you’ll be good to go. December 22, Did you get an iPad or iPhone for the holidays?

 · You can use iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard for wireless typing, or Bluetooth headphones for wireless listening. Import the photos from your phone to your iMac’s iPhoto or Image Capture. Then use iTunes to sync them to your ://

It’s easy to set it up. Your iPhone is in the kitchen on a charger. You need to make a phone call. Instead of getting up to fetch the iPhone, you can make the call right from your iPad. But, first, there are some hardware requirements and some Settings to attend to. Don’t worry; it’s easy. They must be fairly new—as follows. Settings There are a few Setting to adjust, but once you set it up, you won’t need to fiddle any further. Both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network. You must be signed into FaceTime on both devices: Procedure Now you’re all set.

On the iPad, tap a phone number in Contacts, Calendar or Safari. Then you’ll see this, for example, on your iPad. The annotation under the person’s name confirms that the iPhone is being invoked.

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Jun 28, – 1 Comment Personal Hotspot allows you to turn an iPhone or cellular equipped iPad into a wireless router, thereby sharing the devices internet connection with other Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android, or any other capable hardware that connects to the hotspot. Fees vary per provider and per area, so you will need to check with your specific cell carrier if you are not sure what it costs to use, or how to order the feature for your data plan.

Note how the iPhone Personal Hotspot feature looks slightly different on older versions of iOS, but the function remains identical: This will stop broadcasting the wi-fi and Bluetooth signal as a hotspot, and also save some battery life. First and foremost, not all carriers support the feature, so you will want to be sure that your cell provider does offer personal hotspot and internet tethering.

 · While phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and tablets like the iPad do make watching Netflix on a portable device pretty legit, bigger is always better. Newer iPhones may have Retina displays, but watching Avatar on your phone is like being forced to

Set up your email account automatically If you use an email provider like iCloud, Google, or Yahoo, Mail can automatically set up your email account with just your email address and password. If you’re using iOS Tap your email provider. Enter your email address and password. Tap Next and wait for Mail to verify your account. Choose information from your email account, like Contacts or Calendars, that you want to see on your device.

Set up your email account manually If you need to set up your email account manually, make sure that you know the email settings for your account. Then follow these steps: Enter your name, email address, password, and a description for your account. Mail will try to find the email settings and finish your account setup. If Mail finds your email settings, tap Done to complete your account setup. If Mail can’t find your email settings, then you need to enter them manually.

Can I Hook Up My Cell Phone to My Flat Screen TV?

Force the device to reboot by holding down the “Menu” and “Down” buttons simultaneously for seconds. Press “Menu” and “Play” simultaneously right after reboot, until a message pops up in iTunes , saying that it has detected an Apple TV in Recovery Mode. Hold down both the Home button and Lock button.

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Alerts Profanity Alert, Geo-Fencing, Contact Alerts Get alerts when your son or daughter runs activities that are prohibited on any tracked mobile device.

Using Verizon Personal Hotspot on your new iPad: the basic setup

Zemana AntiLogger is a great software as it aggressively combats keyloggers of all types. Maybe someone out there wants to get your vital information and knows how to do it through a key logger. But before they do, you better get an anti-keylogger to prevent, block and remove unwanted tracking from them. One of the best anti-keylogger available for you today is Zemana Antilogger. It is a keylogger detector that blocks hackers.

 · When the phone appears on the list of devices, Tap to connect. Once connected, there will be a tethering icon in the top left of the screen. The iPad now has internet access through the phones mobile data

Here are some solutions to a common problem 04 Jan 18 Sending SMS text messages from an iPad isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You’ll have noticed the pre-installed Messages app, but that’s for sending iMessages which can only be sent to other people on an iPhone or iPad rather than conventional SMS text messages which you can send to anyone with a phone.

In this article we outline the other options that let you send texts from an iPad. These are better than SMS messages because they’re completely free but also worse because you can only send them to other people on iMessage – which is to say, other iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. Start up the Messages app and tap on the compose button – it’s the square with a pencil piercing it diagonally to the right of the ‘Messages’ heading on the lefthand bar in the picture below. Start typing the name of the contact you want to send a message to, and iOS will offer to complete it for you.

But can you send a message to that person? If the name is blue in the auto-suggest field, they’re on iMessage and you can send them a message without paying a penny. If the name is grey – and then displays as red when you select it – they are not they’re probably on Android and you’ll find that you get a ‘Not Delivered’ error message, or won’t be able to activate the send button at all. Text messaging apps There are other options, however.

Search the App Store for texting apps, and you’ll find plenty of free offerings.

How to set up email – iPhone/iPad (iOS 6)

It is a cable that connects your phone to TV using wires. The adapter has two versions: It supports streaming videos and audios on your iPhone as well as iPad. Connect your AV adapter to the charging port of your iOS device. Get your HDMI cable and then connect it to the adapter.

 · Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, tap the General category, and tap VPN near the bottom of the list. Tap “Add VPN Configuration” to add your first VPN settings to the phone or tablet. If you need to configure multiple VPNs, you can add them from this screen, ://

This post may contain affiliate links. There are a few options for travelers to keep in touch on the road with international cell phone service and data plans. Why would I even want a working mobile phone while traveling? I run this blog as a small business. Local tour operators, clients, and public relations people need the ability to contact me. Staying active on social media is a major part of my business model too. A working cell phone allows me to call locals for meetups, get directions, or ask for recommendations.

I can call a guesthouse to inquire if they have availability for the night. International Roaming If you have a cell phone plan with a major carrier in the US, you can usually continue to use your phone while traveling overseas. Keeping the same phone number and everything. Is Your Smartphone Unlocked?

You can also rent mobile wifi hotspots that work overseas. Some examples of this include: KnowRoaming OneSim TEP Wireless Basically, these services have special agreements with cell service providers around the world, charging you an inflated fee to use them.

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Jun 17, set up a wi-fi connection between my laptop and cellphone.. Acer Aspire t, intel core i3, 2gb ram, running win7 home basic Under network adapters in Control panel, the following items show up.. Motorola Defy running on Android v2. I need to set up a wi-fi connection between the laptop and the phone so that i can use the internet connection using the phone. I have connected in the past with no problem, so it had the password in the phone, but I followed the troubleshooting advice at the Droid 2 site and “forgot” that contact, and reconnected, reinputting the password.

Still the same thing.

HookUp Cellular is an experienced and reliable repair parts supplier, we also supply tools, adhesives, repair services and LCD BuyBacks. We offer everything you need to grow your iPhone Repair ://

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But if you choose to go with this method anyway, just go ahead and hook up your adapter to your device. Use an HDMI cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV via the adapter. Make sure you’ve switched your TV to the input where your phone or tablet is ://

Digital cellular phone that is compatible with TTYs When you buy a cellular phone, make sure it meets the following criteria: It is a digital cellular phone It includes a 2. Is my geographical area set up to support TTY calls over digital cellular phones? TTY-compatible wireless networks should be available nationwide. We encourage customers to check with their wireless network provider to learn more about the specific service capabilities in their area. What should I look for when choosing a digital cellular phone?

When you buy a cellular phone, make sure it meets the following criteria: Not all digital cell phones have the ability to connect to a TTY. Look for the international TTY symbol on the phone’s package or user manual to help identify phones that work with TTYs.

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