Hacking the HP Z800 Xeon motherboard into a standard case

It converts a couple of 4 pin peripheral power cables into an 8 pin 12 volt cable. If you use one of these adapters then be sure to plug the 4 pin peripheral connectors into separate cables coming from the power supply. If you plug them both into the same power supply cable then you are drawing all the power of the 8 pin 12 volt connector through a single 18 gauge wire. You can often get away with that but there’s no reason to do it. If you leave the two pieces separate then you can plug one of the 4 pin pieces into a 4 pin 12 volt connector and leave the other 4 pin piece unplugged. If you look carefully at the image above then you can see the polarization of the pins which prevents you from plugging the cable in improperly.

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DL Stratton October 27, I am having a similar problem when I use the 12v rails to power 12v tungsten under cupboard lights to light my Kitchen counter top. The lights are 12 v 20 w and run at 1. I have 6 of them powered so they need 10 amps total to run. Per LT SPICE model of the 20w lamp, the lamp has an inrush current of about 27 amps each at start up, which quickly drops logarithmically to 1.

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w Output Power. Mm Fan. Good Balance Between Noise And Cooling Level. Cable-tube On Main Power Cables For Better Routing And Neatness. Universal Connector Fits Most Branded Motherboard.

Can a pin connector work with a pin power connector? However, some motherboards still feature a pin ATX power connection. Thankfully, almost all pin power connectors are designed so that four of the pins can be detached or moved out of the way. Detaching those pins should allow enough room for the connector to be plugged into the motherboard power connection. By detaching the 4-pins or moving them out of the way, the connector becomes a pin power connector.

The 4 additional pins can be left unplugged since they are not needed with motherboards that have a pin power connection. These extra pins supply additional power for higher-end motherboards. If the pin power connector on your power supply does not allow the detachment of the 4 additional pins, you can still connect it to the motherboard’s power connection one of two ways. You can purchase a pin to pin adapter from computer retailers. The adapter will connect to the pin connector, converting it to a pin connector, allowing you to connect it directly to the motherboard’s pin connection.

There will be no need to detach or move the additional 4 pins.

12V input DC/DC Converters off-the-shelf and custom

The socket has a plurality of pins which includes at least two power transmission pins and a plurality of signal transmission pins. The power pins of the socket are coupled with the power supply of the computer motherboard for power transmission, while the signal transmission pins are coupled with the interface slots of the computer motherboard for signal transmission. A control chip may be included in the external connecting interface for controlling the signal transmission pins to couple with one of the interface slots.

power supply’s power cord to ensure the safety of the CPU. The surface of the CPU has a golden triangle to assist in correctly lining up the APU for motherboard placement. The golden triangle is the Pin 1 indicator. CPU (Central Processing Unit) Hook one end of the clip to hook first.

Using robot software to mass-download the site degrades the server and is prohibited. See here for more. Find The PC Guide helpful? View over of my fine art photos any time for free at DesktopScenes. This includes providing power to the motherboard, and hooking up the LEDs and switches on the case. This is an important part of the assembly of a new system or installing a new motherboard.

This procedure does not deal with the physical installation of the motherboard, only with making these necessary connections. See this procedure instead for help with the installation itself. Some of the connections can be tricky to make in some circumstances. You can destroy your AT-style motherboard if you plug the power cords into it backwards. The only reason I don’t rank the risk factor even higher is that I took such exceptional steps to warn about this prominently below.

A flashlight is often very helpful for this step, as it can be hard to see the minute printing on the motherboard after it has been installed into the system case.

Changed power supply but pc still does not power up

Hi, I have unscrewed all of the screws and my beautiful laptop is now a mess. But to get to the connections, I need to take the main face plate off the one surrounding the mounse pad. But when I pull, it pulls off all around the edges like something attatched in the middle is holding it down. Dee April 8, my kid split coke at a few keys om the keyoard. April 11, Wow, this site is wonderful.

I have what seems to be a unique issue that maybe someone can help with.

Feb 23,  · So it looks like this is a pin connection with a 4-pin for the CPU power. Is this obsolete for todays hardware? The motherboard I’m looking at has a 24 pin connection and a 4-pin CPU power.

People want power in a compact form factor. They want more usable desktop and floor space. With the right components, you no longer need a big PC to handle some hardcore modern gaming. They’re fun, compact, and usually look great when completed. If you want a build that’s easy to move and can still kick ass, a mini-ITX rig might be for you.

That said, mini-ITX cases are often much tighter in terms of clearances and room for error. You’ll have to spend more time planning your build, and making sure you buy components that will actually fit inside the case. Mini-ITX cases don’t offer a lot of place to stash your wiring mess, so make sure to cut down on cabling as much as you can. If you can use an M.

When choosing a PSU, go for semi- or fully-modular so you can keep the excess out of the case. While these two considerations can keep any rig looking clean, they become even more important when physical space is at a premium.

Asus Rampage II GENE – Republic of Gamers Motherboard User Manual

History[ edit ] In circuit diagrams and circuit analysis, there are long-standing conventions regarding the naming of voltages, currents, and some components. Exactly analogous conventions were applied to field-effect transistors with their drain, source and gate terminals. Although still in relatively common use, there is limited relevance of these device-specific power supply designations in circuits that use a mixture of bipolar and FET elements, or in those that employ either both NPN and PNP transistors or both n- and p-channel FETs.

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First, compare page 27 of the first spec, to page 29 of the second spec. The -5V signal on the connector was made optional at some point, and there is not a lot of good reasons for a motherboard to need -5V. Occasionally, there are motherboards that still draw a tiny amount of current from that signal, and for those motherboards, a supply that has no wire connected to pin 18 might be a problem. I hope this won’t be a problem for you. Page 36 of the third spec shows a modern dual output supply.

As long as the four extra pins on the 24 pin connector can be unclipped, you should be able to use one of those supplies. Note that, with the use of SATA drives, there may be fewer connectors that you can use with your ribbon cable based hard drives. Your processor draws about 55 watts: If using an ATX 2. I expect a lot of ATX 2. I guess I could clarify the difference a bit. With a pre 2.

Motherboard?? Power supply trouble??

OK, here’s the deal. My buddy was having a heckova time trying to get his computer to work with his new motherboard, so my wife and I said we’d give it a crack. A little bit of background on the rig. We have a stock power supply, cd drive, etc. The only thing I believe is newer is the motherboard. I’ve viewed Intel’s site for some advice, but that hasn’t helped all too much.

Oct 29,  · Archived from groups: (Hello, I was wondering if someone could explain to me (or point me in a specific direction), why it seems to me that you cannot hook-up stereo.

Its height and width, along with its mounting pattern, continues to be used today in almost all full-tower and mid-tower ATX systems, as well as many microATX and even some mini-ITX systems. In modern computers, the newer EPS electrical standard replaces the older ATX standard, with an 8-pin volt connector delivering power directly to the CPU and a pin main connector powering the rest of the board.

The newer EPS connectors are backwards compatible with the older ATX standard and many manufacturers make it so the extra four pins can be separated from the main connector for an easier fit into the old pin ATX and 4-pin CPU headers. Since the PCIe slots are limited to a maximum power output of 75W, nearly all power supplies include either a 6-pin or an 8-pin connector to provide supplemental power for mid to high-end graphics cards. The 8-pin power connector is compatible with the 6-pin connector, with two pins that split away, to enable its use on less demanding cards.

The PCIe connector itself is also shaped differently than the 8-pin CPU power connector in order to prevent accidental misuse.

Help a newb connect his power supply cables to the motherboard?

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To turn the power supply on, the green line needs to be shorted to a Common line. An easy way to do this is to insert a jumper between pin 14 and pin Most power supplies require a load across one or more of the outputs to operate.

Start your question with What, Why, How, When, etc. How do you hook up altec lansing speakers to the computer Answers: You have to set your speakers first. This will fix your problem. Only one speaker works – altec lansing computer speakers ADA The solution is actually quite simple, due to a design flaw. Altec lansing designed a rather cheap mini din plug-in which can either be replaced or repaired depending on your skill and patience level.

Dell Studio 540 board issue? SOLVED

Bo Ziffer 6 weeks ago Reply How did you calculate the amps you could draw on each leg 12v, 5v, and 3. What i wanna do is give power to a board wich can handle max 24V A so i’m considering using old ATX but but grabing those 12V lines. MichaelF 8 months ago Reply I don’t think so for more than a slight bit of current.

But it isn’t easy to hook up one’s project to the tangle of wires and plastic connectors coming out of the power supply. A common solution is to cut off the plastic connectors and solder directly to the wires; but this is irreversible and makes it difficult to quickly swap out a failing power supply.

On 17 Jan Most computers offer a Line Out. You connect powered speakers, or an amplifier and speakers. A few offer Speaker Out. An on-board amplifier supplies enough power to run a pair of small speakers. You need an amplifier. Old hi-fi units aren’t hard to locate, and shouldn’t cost you much. January 30, 3: April 13, 2: Hello, I was wondering if someone could explain to me or point me in a specific direction , why it seems to me that you cannot hook-up stereo speakers directly to your computer ie: I have seen numerous posts that indicate you must connect the computer to the stereo, and not the speakers themselves though the line-in, AUX, etc..

But, I have a set of computer speakers that just connect directly to the output of the sound card. Is there no-way that I can directly connect the speakers to the “line-out” or “speakers” output of the sound card? Is it just a matter of different connectors on the ends, or is there something else to it?

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MichaelCrider December 12, , A nice set of bits is handy for larger or smaller screws, but everything else you need should be provided with your case and various parts. If your home or your workspace is particularly prone to static discharges, you might want an anti-static bracelet. Finally, you might want to add a couple of cups or bowls from your kitchen, just for a place to put loose screws.

One switch on back and other on front of power supply to allow easy access to turn power On/Off. Additional 8 Circuit Molex plug with +5vdc and +12vdc outputs for additional accessories. Dual AC input vac/vac, selectable by switch.

Yes, No, and Maybe. I feel like I need to chime in here and give a more pragmatic answer. But before I do that, let me give you my credentials so you know who this is coming from. I design PCB’s for a living. Large and complex PCB’s. These are embedded systems, which means that I can get away with things that you couldn’t in a standard PC. On to my answer: If you value your sanity, don’t bother trying.

It might work, but probably not. The problem is, if it doesn’t work then what are you going to do? Do you have the tools and knowledge to debug it?

How To: EVGA Power Supply Installation