Fukushima nuclear plant ‘will leak radioactive water for four more years’

A central aspect in karst hydrology is the time required for the rainwater to reach the point of discharge in a cave, e. One promising approach in determining this residence time is drip-water dating by tritium 3H. In contrast to traditional tritium dating, we do not refer directly to tritium concentrations in precipitation as input function, but to an infiltration-weighted annual mean of the rainwater values. Using concentration differences between this infiltration-weighted mean and the drip water, an age is calculated from the radioactive decay law, assuming piston flow. The approach was tested in three adjacent caves in northwestern Germany which were monitored for about two years. All of the studied drip sites yielded drip water ages between 2 and 4 years with uncertainties on the order of 1 year. These results were confirmed at several drip sites by oxygen isotope data which show rather constant values with insignificant intra-annual variability. Attempts to apply the 3H—3He method resulted in comparable ages, despite several complicating factors. Previous article in issue.

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11 thoughts on “ Are We Drinking Dinosaur Pee? Gary Whitton August 22, at pm. I’m not sure what the fuss is over dinosaur pee or recycled water. In both cases, its not the water we are worried about, its everything else in solution with it.

Horowi v Downstream hydraulic geometry of alluvial rivers – P. Julien Daily variability of suspended particulate concentrations and yields and their effect on river particulates chemistry – M. Kao Simulation of rainfall effects on sediment transport on steep slopes in an Alpine catchment – A. Haas Estimates of slope erosion intensity utilizing terrestrial laser scanning – B. Yoder Distributed soil loss estimation system including ephemeral gully development and tillage erosion – D.

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Iwan Jones, Pamela S. Altinakar Anastomosing reach control on hydraulics and sediment distribution on the Sabie River, South Africa – N. Paolo Porto, Desmond E.

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Advertise Leaks are prolific Like rust under a car, corrosion has propagated for decades along the hard-to-reach, wet underbellies of the reactors — generally built in a burst of construction during the s and s. As part of an investigation of aging problems at the country’s nuclear reactors, the AP uncovered evidence that despite government and industry programs to bring the causes of such leaks under control, breaches have become more frequent and widespread.

There were 38 leaks from underground piping between and , according to an industry document presented at a tritium conference. Nearly two-thirds of the leaks were reported over the latest five years. Here are some examples: At the three-unit Browns Ferry complex in Alabama, a valve was mistakenly left open in a storage tank during modifications over the years.

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PDF Abstract By considering radioisotope dating as a problem in trace element detection, and by using the cyclotron as a high-energy mass spectrometer for this purpose, we have shown that one can greatly increase the maximum age that can be determined while simultaneously reducing the size of the sample required. The cyclotron can be used to detect atoms or simple molecules that are present at the level or greater.

For 14C dating one should be able to go back 40, to , years with 1- to mg carbon samples; for 10Be dating, 10 to 30 million years with 1-mm3 to cm3 rock samples; for tritium dating, years with a 1-liter water sample. For samples many half-lives old, the fractional error in the age is small even if rates of production or deposition of the isotopes. Although cyclotrons are expensive to build, their operating costs are relatively low.

If several samples are dated per hour the cost per date may not be substantially higher than it is today for decay dating.

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In addition, it is used as a component in deep-sea breathing systems, as a coolant for superconducting magnets, and as a protective gas for many industrial processes such as arc welding and growing silicon wafers. Researchers use helium to study materials at very low temperatures, in a field called cryogenics, and in helium dating of radioactive rocks and minerals.

Inhaling a small volume of the gas temporarily changes the tonal quality and pitch of one’s voice. It can, however, be dangerous if done in excess. Abundance in nature Helium is the second most abundant element in the known universe, after hydrogen , constituting 23 percent of the elemental mass of the universe. It is concentrated in stars , where it is formed by two sets of nuclear fusion reactions:

Isotope vs. nuclide. A nuclide is a species of an atom with a specific number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, for example carbon with 6 protons and 7 neutrons. The nuclide concept (referring to individual nuclear species) emphasizes nuclear properties over chemical properties, whereas the isotope concept (grouping all atoms of each element) emphasizes chemical over nuclear.

Tritium in the Oceans Tritium 3H is the heaviest isotope of hydrogen. Its nucleus consists of one proton making it hydrogen and two neutrons. Inasmuch as it is chemically hydrogen, tritium exists within the global environment primarily as part of the water molecule. Thus it is a potentially useful tracer of the hydrologic cycle, and an ideal tracer of water motions within the ocean.

Tritium is radioactive, decaying with a half-life of Because of its geologically short half-life, there is very little natural tritium in the environment. Small quantities are created by cosmic ray spallation i. The balance between production and radioactive decay leads to a global natural tritium inventory of approximately 4 kg. This natural inventory was dwarfed by the production of tritium by the atmospheric testing of nuclear fusion weapons during the s and early s.

During this period, several hundred kilograms of tritium were released, largely late in the test series, and primarily in the Northern Hemisphere. The detonations generally injected the tritium into the stratosphere, where it was quickly oxidized to form water vapor. The pattern and timing of this delivery has been shown to consist of two primary components:

Japan prepares for release of radioactive tritium from Fukushima into the ocean

Tritium Analysis via Scintillation Counter Applications: Water dating, nuclear event studies and landfill studies Direct Count Analysis is effective when elevated tritium concentrations are expected such as landfill and nuclear event studies. The quantifiable limit for direct count is TU based on the specific statistics of the run.

The combined concentration of Ra + Ra is often >5 pCi/L (the USEPA MCL value for Ra) in groundwater from the Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer.. Water-quality characteristics that favor the mobility of radium include anoxic, Fe-reducing conditions and increased mineralization.

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Back to Rocks and Minerals Articles Tritium, a radioisotope of hydrogen with the atomic mass of 3. A radioisotope can be depicted by its atomic number or chemical symbol and by its mass number that indicates the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of the radioisotope. Thus, tritium can be depicted as hydrogen

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Religious texts and geological evidence suggest that several parts of the world have experienced destructive atomic blasts in ages past The following item appeared in the New York Herald Tribune on February 16, and was repeated by Ivan T. Sanderson in the January issue of his magazine, Pursuit: When the first atomic bomb exploded in New Mexico, the desert sand turned to fused green glass.

This fact, according to the magazine Free World, has given certain archaeologists a turn. They have been digging in the ancient Euphrates Valley and have uncovered a layer of agrarian culture 8, years old, and a layer of herdsman culture much older, and a still older caveman culture. Recently, they reached another layer of fused green glass.

It is well known that atomic detonations on or above a sandy desert will melt the silicon in the sand and turn the surface of the Earth into a sheet of glass. But if sheets of ancient desert glass can be found in various parts of the world, does it mean that atomic wars were fought in the ancient past or, at the very least, that atomic testing occurred in the dim ages of history? This is a startling theory, but one that is not lacking in evidence, as such ancient sheets of desert glass are a geological fact.

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