Anyone know how to date Rogers Drums?

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Check out our collection of Vintage Ludwig drum kits. Add one of these beauties to your collection today! These offer the classic Ludwig tone we’ve come to love, featuring hardware options that were designed for a more budget friendly price tag back in the day.

Oct 30,  · Some topics of intrest on drums 56// 1. Dating of change tags from Jos Rogers Inc to ROGERS 2. Dating change over to ridged B&B lugs. 3. Dating change on the gromet in the badge from chrome to copper. 4. Square nuts done away with to hex on assembly. 5. Dating logos, Eagle, odd script, odd script 2, to script. 6. Plastic heads issued. 7.

So when we heard today is Prince’s 53rd birthday, we jumped at the chance to geek out and compile a list of some lesser-known tidbits about our state’s most iconic musician. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Prince Rogers Nelson’s Day of Birth. Here are 53 factoids to help you celebrate this glorious day. Release the doves and let’s go crazy. How to purify yourself before a Prince show at Paisley Park [jump] 1.

In , Prince owned a white T-bird and could often be seen driving it around north Minneapolis. Prince’s dad, John Nelson, led the “Prince Rogers” jazz trio, which eventually became John’s nickname, and then Prince’s official name. Prince’s mom’s name is Mattie Shaw, and he says she’s responsible for his “wild side. Prince is the official pioneer of “the Minneapolis sound” heralded by music mags throughout the ’80s.

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Jan 21,  · Re: Dating Rogers Drums The Rogers forum is an excellent place for dating guides. And there is a newly released Dating Guide for the Big R period that is accurate.

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Jan 21,  · Two Rogers three pice kits configured to be a double bass setup. Black Onyx and very clean wraps, seams and hardware. I was looking for help to figure out the age of the drums.

History[ edit ] A Slingerland drum kit. Slingerland had won a correspondence school of music in a card game aboard one of the gaming boats that once cruised Lake Michigan. The company started out importing ukuleles from Germany, but set up its own production because it could not meet demand. Soon, they produced their own banjos and ukuleles and eventually, also guitars including electric guitars from or earlier. The first Slingerland drum kits came out in A resourceful and energetic businessman, H.

The company’s manufacturing plant was later moved from Chicago proper to the outer suburbs. The guitar’s pickup includes individual string magnets as well as a large horseshoe magnet. Slingerland ceased making electric instruments in in order to exclusively focus on producing percussion instruments. The company remained in the Slingerland family until

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Dating rogers drums serial numbers. The history of Rogers Drums – The Vintage Drum Guide shows you Rogers Finishes, Rogers Drum Badges, Rogers Drum Set catalog pages, Rogers Snare Drum catalog pages and the most complete Rogers history all on one vintage drum web site.

Early Swivo Collets with two screws Tom, The 2 odd script logos were The regular script logo is seen in the catalog for the first time. I believe the 2 odd scripts were used as early as seen on drums until they ran out for a short while and when that new script logo was decided as the best design it was displayed and used proudly for the next 10yrs..

This odd scripts and end of eagle badge era for Rogers was a special time. Not tops in the drum market just yet. But with the intro of Swivomatic hardware came logo changes as well.

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Share this article Share He also posted a photo with Frankel and Bravo star Carole Radziwill with the caption, ‘Took a picture of these 2 randos today’ also in the spring. On May 20 they were seen side by side while grabbing lunch in Manhattan. Bethenny was nicely done up in a black leather jacket and red pumps while Eric did his best to look dapper in a button-down checked shirt and Mister Rogers grey sweater An eyewitness told E! It took me a minute but I’m here.

Rogers Drum Dating List – Rev. on 10/12/00 – Found the elusive A43XX, A47XX, B06XXX Fullertons9/72s (Thanks to Dom ‘Syd’ O’Leary in Australia. Chn ages show in Bold Italics.

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